Energy; the connection to your soul, the mystical, the invisible, the spiritual, the intangible, the elusive or just that one feeling. 

I have ignored that feeling most of my life. Even after being aware of the voice(s) inside me, the energy around me, I still ignored them. I ignored them because listening and feeling the energy meant looking at life and taking responsibility for the life I had created for myself. It meant facing the fact that all the beauty and all the misery in my life are the outcome of my choices. 

And even more complicated to accept for me that “energy, qi, prana” or whatever name works for you, although it is not visible, palpable for most, it is a real thing. And that much of our discomfort in life, be it physical, emotional, psychological has a starting point in the elusive. 

Hand in hand with the acceptance there was also the unraveling of the many voices within me; where was my saboteur speaking, where were my emotions behind the wheel, when did my ego take over, what did my mind tell me, and where among all these, and more voices, was the pure intent of my soul? 

I have an infinite desire to understand; to understand mankind, to understand my inner world. I long for insight into what lies behind someone’s choices. This longing has brought me to silence and the discovery that most can be heard in the silence. The beautiful discovery; there is nothing to understand. If you are here in this moment, what more is needed? 

All your discomfort, misery, sorrow, pain is in the past or in the future. For example your physical pain that you experience in the now, is it really a physical pain? Is your soul trying to tell you something, asking you to listen? Are you giving your pain too much, or not enough attention? Know that, everything that you give (to much) attention grows. I realize that the line is thin between suppressing something and letting it be completely there in the moment. It is not easy to unravel your inner world. Especially because, no matter how aware, sensitive you are, there are always blind spots; unexplored places, pieces you’re not ready to see, parts your saboteur keeps hidden from you. 

It doesn’t always feel easy to listen to your soul’s desire beyond habit, your environment, society, upbringing, past lives, life lines and so on and so on. And when you feel what the desire of your soul is, adjusting your life to it is a completely different story. In this soul search, there is no shame in asking for help; a person, a group, a safety net, a space where every part of you can be there, without judgment. 

Can I facilitate the space that you need to connect to your deepest desires? Heal the parts you’re ready to let go off? Ask the questions for your soul to answer. I’ll guide the energy in and around you to create space for you to explore life. Listen to what wants to be heard.  Let’s connect in a way that suits you.

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