If I could rearrange the world I would do it with less rules, guidelines and control, and with more love and space. Within KVDE what’s cooking I fantasize about this world and I act from the wish for the world to change. Which basically means I do what makes me happy when it makes me happy, guided by my intuition. 

I choose what’s right for me, you choose what’s right for you. No need to judge, is there?

I choose to listen to my intuition on a level I haven’t done before.  I reached this level because I’m good with all that is. I look my life and my choices straight in the eye. Not just the good, but also the bad and the ugly. I am mindful of what is behind my choices and have no issues looking at all the parts of myself, with the awareness that there are always parts of yourself that you can’t yet see. These new parts, or the newly visible old parts, can suddenly come round the corner and open a new door to look behind. This may sound rather abstract to you, and I understand. If you’ve started looking at yourself and your responsibility for your life choices, you probably understand what I’m talking about. If not, start looking ; ) What choices have led to the life you are living now? And are you happy with your choices? If not, choose something else! My preference, start to listen to your intuition. Listen to your gut feeling. I accept my intuition as right. I don’t just hear and listen, I also ask my intuition questions. What I call intuition, you may call energy, QI, gut feeling, prana, god, a higher power or whatever you want to call it’s all good for me (it’s YOUR choice after all, remember ; )?) And because the answers I get are clear I let my intuition point the way…..And it points to happiness and freedom. And what is happiness and freedom to me? It’s me, I make me happy, and my choices make me feel free.

What makes you happy? 

You might wonder what my happiness looks like. Let me paint you the picture I see when I close my eyes, and listen to my intuition. I drive on a road that leads to a clear blue lake. At the lake, I explore the area with my dog and accept what nature offers me. I make a fire and connect. With the fire burning, I prepare for the group of beautiful people who come to eat, learn and connect. They set up a tent for the night, park their car, bicycle or caravan. That night we connect through food, fire and love. Everyone feels lighter as the evening comes to an end. While the fire is still crackling, I’m going to sleep in my hammock thinking about the beautiful night, already pondering breakfast. I wake up early, take a dip in the lake and meditate. While everyone wakes up I’m in the kitchen refining the gifts of nature into healing remedies, to then stoke up the fire and do it all again. 

Let’s make it even more beautiful! In my world everybody has the right to exist purely because you choose what makes you happy and you own it. I choose to make my dream come true in a way that feels right to me.