If I could rearrange the world I would do it with less rules, guidelines and control, and with more love and space. I choose to listen to my soul’s desires on a level I haven’t done before. Although I don’t always find it easy to move in line with my soul, it’s the only way to go. To let my desires flow like water and express my passion with fire inside my heart. This goes hand in hand with the awareness that everything is allowed to be there; offering space for love, discomfort, hate, pleasure, pain, fun and so much more. 

Every once in a while I go back to my text “the dream”. I read it back and adapt it, or start writing from scratch again. It is my place of reflection. Is the dream I had last time still the dream of today? Has the dream that I wrote down last time become reality? What has changed? 

Today’s dream:  A perfect day……..                                                                                                    

Waking up to a beautiful sunrise it is quiet, only the sound of birds and the leaves fluttering in the wind.  I am surrounded by nature. I put my bare feet next to my bed and breathe in the air of summer. I take a quick look at my beloved who is still asleep before I go for my morning walk. With my feet in the water (sea, lake) I contemplate life before I find the quiet place inside myself, the place of inner peace. After a while I hear rustling around me. My tribe is also coming to life. Time to light a fire to make breakfast. Together we enjoy a delicious meal and laugh about the adventures of the night before. After breakfast, everyone makes their own plans. 

My day starts with a brainstorm about the gathering we’re planning. We are creating a place for connection, full of creativity and joy. The brain storm easily flows into an appointment. John, (the first name that popped into my head ; ), my client, comes to explore life with me. I support him so that the energy can flow to where it is needed. I ask the questions for his soul to answer. 

Between now and the next appointments there is plenty of time for connecting with friends, nature and myself. Somewhere in the day I get a delicious plate of food that someone else has cooked. (food always tastes better when someone else makes it 😉 When the sun starts to go down, it’s time to light a fire in the middle of a circle. The circle is a place where I (we) facilitate a gathering. A meeting place for open honest sharing, a place where you can talk about your obstacles, a place where you are supported, a place of non-judgmental listening, being fully present and attentive to one another. 

When everyone goes home lighter and with more internal space, there is room and time for me to express my creativity in the form that feels right in the moment. For now let’s say dance, dance with all the people I love from all over the world. When the fire slowly dies it’s time to crawl into my warm bed. But not before I take a long look at the incredibly clear starry sky, and feel gratitude for my life, full of enthusiasm about the possibilities tomorrow will bring.

When was the last time you wrote down your perfect day? What do you dream of?