There is not one truth; there is no one solution that works for everyone. My truth is not yours. I would like to inspire you to get closer to what works for you, your truth. So you can help yourself, through the nutrition you give yourself.

Changing your diet is not a cure-all; it’s just part of your well-being. The advantage of food is that you can control it; you have complete freedom over what you put in your mouth. The choice is yours. I am aware that this can sometimes feel different, and that there are many reasons why you tell yourself that what you eat is not your choice. But your family, money, or circumstances don´t need to be an excuse for your choices.

Food, nutrition has always played a promotional role in my life. Around the age of 12 I was given the choice between cooking or washing up at home. This is because both my parents hate cooking. I chose cooking. When I cooked we ate canned peas, mashed potatoes from a bag and a meatball. Later in my adolescence, like many girls, I struggled with thoughts of being too fat. As a result, I researched all kinds of diets from a young age. Later a diagnosis of a bowel disease was added. This one made me dive deep into nutrition. For years I researched which nutrition would help me, relieve my pain. Over the years I learned that what you do and don’t put in your mouth is just one part of the puzzle on the road to health and happiness.

A massive part of making a change is becoming conscious of the choices you make and why you make them; gaining insight in the many beliefs, rules that an individual can experience on nutrition. We all label different products and entire food groups good or bad. What do you see as good and bad nutrition? Just this label alone can play a massive part in what you choose to eat. 

Do you judge yourself when you eat something that you labeled bad?

If you look online you can find pros and cons for every diet, every food group, even fruit and vegetables. Every day a new product is labeled as bad or good. In this overload of information, what is truth? My conclusion, you can’t find the answer outside yourself. You can only find the answer internally. Trust the knowledge you carry within. Do you love yourself to listen to the voice within? 

Shaking yourself free from labeling and judgements is a process linked to many aspects of life. Nutrition can be an accessible starting point; the topic you deal with every day, the topic that takes up a large part of your day. Imagine how much time you would save if you no longer had to spend time thinking about what you eat, when you eat, who you eat with, why you eat. 

I would like to guide you in your research into yourself. This can be done individually, or sign up for a conscious eating workshop.

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