Josje and I organize dinners linked to the elements earth, fire, water and air. Here, Josje’s passion for mindfulness and tea and my passion for cooking for health and happiness come together nicely; all our happy elements combined with the elements of nature. 

From Earth to air. 

The starting point is the earth you stand on, which means; grounding, both feet on the ground, literally and figuratively. I walk barefoot whenever possible; in the comfort of my home, but also in nature. It makes it easier for me to connect to the feeling of something throwing me off balance. As far as I’m concerned, I’m the one who can throw myself off balance and I’m the one who can bring myself back into it. Walking barefoot in nature helps me regain my balance, and having translated this notion into a dish makes me very happy. 

The second course is fire, which stands for my drive, my passion. My zodiac sign is Leo, so I have no shortage of fire. There is something elusive about fire. Looking at it is hypnotic; flames, glowing coals, a candle, the sun. One of my big passions is cooking on fire. You would therefore think that coming up with a dish with this element in mind was one of the easiest, but it was in fact one of the hardest. This dish and the accompanying experience keeps changing. Presumably the final choices will be made a few hours before the guests arrive, but one thing is for sure; it will be heartwarming. 

The third course is water. I can’t get enough of water and have been a fan ever since I was a kid. Whenever there is a sea, stream, river or lake in the picture, whether it’s hot or cold out; I want to be in it. So our imagination went wild with the element of water; floating plates, guests in swimsuits and food at the bottom of a pool. The ideas kept coming; it is invigorating and inspirational to imagine the impossible before you come to a realistic and workable conclusion. 

The fourth and last course is air. We immediately thought of the air we breathe; how does breathing happen naturally and what happens to you when you are aware of the air you breathe. But we can hardly serve a guest air as a dish. Or can we? ; ) 

The elements of nature are alive and evolve, and so does the dinner. So come and enjoy this flavorful experience with all your senses, in a most beautiful natural environment.