Recipe beetroot•summerfruit, by KVDE


banana peel


spices like :


paprika powder

garlic powder

onion powder


For this recipe you need a food dehydrator. If you have one give this recipe a go, it will surprise you. Banana peel is healthy and can be delicious! Banana peel contains vitamins B6, B12, magnesium and potassium. I never get that enthusiastic from a list of nutrients. I eat by the rule; if it comes from nature and you can eat it, it is healthy. And the more plants and different variations of them you eat, the happier your gut is.

Cut the bottom and the stem of the peel.

Cut them vertically into strips of about 1 cm.

Scrape the inside.

Put your peels in a mixing bowl, add spices to your taste and mix.

Spread out the peel in your food dehydrator, go to bed. The next day you have delicious crispy banana peel chips.