You see food, I see medicine. Eating food that has been harvested, processed and cooked mindfully is healing for your body, mind and soul. Cooking outside is my jam; exposed to the elements, surrounded by food… lighting the fire inside me. So I cook, cook on fire, for you, your health and happiness.


I choose to listen to my intuition on a level I haven’t done before.
I reached this level because I’m good with all that is. I look my life and my choices straight in the eye.

What makes you happy?


Money and what it’s worth. What is it actually? Now if you’re a starter, have just finished your studies, you can’t buy or rent a house because the bank, the landlord, society is afraid that you can’t pay for it. Apparently living is only for the elite these days. I do not understand. My knowledge about the financial world is minimal, but looking in from the outside, it looks like a fairy tale that unnecessarily classifies humanity. 


All my life I’ve been busy quitting things and so I have become a self-proclaimed quitting expert ; ) Alcohol was the first to go. Alcohol was easy for me, it was not an addiction. The fact that I had given up alcohol was harder to accept for those around me than it was for me.


I often hear that people strive for silence in meditation; the ambition to be thoughtless, to silence the mind. My starting point however is being with my thoughts. Look at the thoughts that pass by; what issues are thoughts associated with? The subject of your thoughts is what occupies your mind but you can look at them, research them, as they are the ones you have not yet found peace with.


Happy food. What is that anyway? There is plenty of discussion going on. Vegans are a hot topic. Junk food, sugar, gluten… Food which we label right or wrong is also news of the day. For me there is no right or wrong food. There is food that makes me feel really good and food that makes me feel really bad, and everything in between. 


If I pretend I’m not feeling what I’m feeling I will be fine. Little did I know.  


It’s a family affair, it makes all of us happy. My sister, mother and me, we are extremists. In my opinion it is slightly different for my brother and father but we all love to find a good second-hand treasure. Whether it’s online, a second hand shop, or outside on the street somewhere; there is no wrong place to find second-hand treasure.


In June it was time for my solo quest at Vrijleven ( translated Free life, how good is that company name!! ) 



I choose to approach my physical and psychological pain differently. I choose to be with my pain, I choose to give pain the space it deserves.