Unfortunately there are not many kinds of bread that my body tolerates. I experimented with baking sourdough bread for a while, but I liked it a bit too much, and before I knew it I was eating bread every day.


Money and what it’s worth. What is it actually? Now if you’re a starter, have just finished your studies, you can’t buy or rent a house because the bank, the landlord, society is afraid that you can’t pay for it. Apparently living is only for the elite these days. I do not understand. My knowledge about the financial world is minimal, but looking in from the outside, it looks like a fairy tale that unnecessarily classifies humanity. 


Preparation is crucial with my way of eating. After years of trying and figuring out stuff, it’s now a state of being. It no longer feels like a task, it comes naturally and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Because it is integrated within me, I find it difficult to write something about it that can help you. But I’m going to try.


Happy food. What is that anyway? There is plenty of discussion going on. Vegans are a hot topic. Junk food, sugar, gluten… Food which we label right or wrong is also news of the day. For me there is no right or wrong food. There is food that makes me feel really good and food that makes me feel really bad, and everything in between. 


Sometimes it can be easy. In my world it usually is, easy and tasteful. Roasted tomatoes with coconut yogurt is just that.


I aim to get as many vegetables into my stomach as possible at the start of the day. This is breakfast for me. But if this goes a bit far for you, it is also a great lunch or a summer evening meal. Add some lentils or whole grain rice if you want to make it more filling.


I have mixed feelings about soup. It is easy and fast and apparently soup makes you feel full for longer, but I often find soup boring. With this soup I did my best to make it surprising. The ingredients provide sweet, bitter, savory and spicy (if you like spicy) flavors. 


This muffin is a lot. Very suitable if you are going on an adventure in nature and don’t know when you will find your next meal. It is juicy due to the excessive amount of blueberries and heavy and filling because of the almond flour and oatmeal. Don’t expect an airy and fluffy muffin as this is a heavy and dense one. 


Banana peel is healthy and can be delicious! Banana peel contains vitamins B6, B12, magnesium and potassium.


Everything free banana bread may not sound very tasty. But even though it doesn’t have a lot, it’s full of flavor and not to mention very easy to make.